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JamaicanPatwah.com is a patois dictionary of Jamaican patois words, slang terms, proverbs, idioms, jargon, and figurative usages. As a dictionary of only Jamaican patois terms, we're suitable for persons interested in learning about Jamaican patios and native speakers looking to expand their vocabulary.

Trying to get a grasp of Jamaican patois is a challenge, as it is actually quite difficult to speak with a Jamaican accent unless you’ve lived on the island for many years, and even then it’s a bit dicey. However by using our dictionary as a reference guide and following our blog posts on learning Jamaican patois, you will be able have at least a basic understanding of this dialect.

Whether you refer to it as Jamaican Creole, Jamaican Dialect or Jamaican Patwa, Jamaican Patois is engaging, expressive and entertaining.