Wah Gwaan! We're excited to share something special with you. Our new book, "Jamaican Phrasebook: Learn Patois with 300+ Words and Phrases for Everyday Use & Travel," is here. 

It's part of our series on speaking Jamaican Patois, and it's packed with cool stuff to help you talk like you're from Jamaica.

Our Jamaican Phrasebook

What's awesome about this book? It has real audio clips from Jamaican for each section. So you're not just reading; you're listening and learning how to say things just right. Whether you're saying hello, thanking someone, whispering sweet nothings, or ordering tasty food, we've got you covered.

So, if you're heading to Jamaica or just want to chat in Patois from home, this book is your go-to guide.

How can our Jamaican Phrasebook help you?

In Jamaica, our island is alive with music and the warmth of our people. Learning to speak Jamaican Patois isn't just about getting the hang of a dialect; it's about connecting with our island's deep heritage and the friendliness of our community.

Our new book, "Jamaican Phrasebook: Learn Patois with 300+ Words and Phrases for Everyday Use & Travel," is your invitation to join in and experience this connection.

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Why Learn Jamaican Patois?

Patois is the rhythm of Jamaica. It's the language we speak in our communities, through our music, and it's what keeps us connected.

If you're planning a trip to our island, knowing Patois is essential to feel the island's spirit. It's more than just communication; it's about immersing yourself in the day-to-day life of our people.

The Phrasebook: Your Guide to Jamaican Culture

Our phrasebook is not just a tool for language; it's your guide to our culture. It'll take you through different situations, from a friendly chat on the street to those special moments of sharing love and kindness.

With more than 300 words and phrases, you'll be ready to handle social situations with the confidence of a local.

Real Talk for Genuine Connections

We've handpicked each phrase and word in this book to make sure you're learning the real talk used by Jamaicans every day. Forget about stiff, formal talk—this is about genuine Patois that'll help you fit right in and form true bonds.

No matter if you're ordering some good food, making new friends, or discovering the treasures of Jamaica, this phrasebook is there for you. Its handy layout helps you quickly find what you need to say, making every chat a chance to get better at Patois and connect more deeply with our island.

What's Inside the Phrasebook?

Our phrasebook is a celebration of Jamaican culture, packed with expressions that'll have you chatting like a local in no time. Here are just some of the categories you will get:

Greetings & Responses

Start things off right with a friendly "Wah gwaan?" (What's going on?) and learn how to reply with a cheerful "Mi deh yah, yuh know" (I'm here, you know).

Saying Please & Thanks

Politeness is key, so we teach you to say "Please" with a polite "Pleez" and express thanks with a heartfelt "Nuff respek" (Much respect) or "Big up yuhself" (Respect yourself).

Love & Romance

Whisper sweet nothings with phrases like "Yuh a mi everyting" (You are my everything) and learn to compliment with "Yuh look nice eeh" (You look nice, huh).

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Learn Patois easily with Audio Pronunciations

Hearing the authentic tones and rhythms of Jamaican Patois is a crucial part of learning the language. That's why our phrasebook is more than just text; it's a listening experience that brings the language to life.

Audio Pronunciations of Jamaican Patois

Real Voices, Real Pronunciations

We've included audio pronunciations for each word and phrase, recorded by Jamaicans who speak the language every day. This means you'll learn to speak Patois with the same natural flow as the locals.

Listen and Repeat

The audio allows you to listen to the correct pronunciation and then practice it yourself. It's like having a Jamaican tutor right there with you, guiding you through each lesson.

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Eager to start speaking Jamaican Patois? Our phrasebook is just a click away on Amazon.

Get your copy today and dive into the authentic sounds of Jamaica!

Get your Jamaican Phrasebook Buy on Amazon