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Definitions submitted by anonymous

1. Happy Eastah

English Translation

Happy Easter

Example Sentences

Patois: Happy Eastah mi fren
English: Happy Easter my friend

posted on April 4, 2021

2. Squaddie

English Translation

Police Officer

Example Sentences

Patois: Di squaddie gone inna di house
English: The police officer went in the house

posted on March 28, 2021

3. Long-seed man

English Translation

Old man


A pejorative title use to refer to an elderly male

Example Sentences

Patois: Dis yah long seed man shoulda kno betta
English: Dis old man should of known better

posted on March 18, 2021

4. Govana

English Translation


Example Sentences

Patois: Mi a di govana
English: I'm the governor

posted on March 12, 2021

5. Weh yah guh

English Translation

Where are you going?

Example Sentences

Patois: Weh yah guh nex?
English: Where are you going next?

posted on January 15, 2021