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Definitions of "mawga cow a bull muma"

1. mawga cow a bull muma

English Translation

A slim cow is mother to a bull.


It means one who appears or looks weak may have strong associates, who normally would fight in his defense and so never should he be mistreated or manhandled due to his weakness.

Example Sentences

Patois: Mawga cow a bull muma. Mi nuh like fi badda that old man deh caah him son a souljah
English: A person who appears weak may have strong associates. I don't like to trouble that old man because his son is a soldier.

Related Words

One, one coco full basket , Mi cum yah fi drink milk, mi no cum yah fi count cow , Every hoe ha them stick a bush , Wah sweet nanny goat ago run him belly ,

posted by CongoKalungaGangalee on May 22, 2016

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