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This page may contain content that has strong language that may not be suitable for some audiences.

Definitions of "Bloodclaat" (Vulgar)

Spelling Variations : blood claat, bloodclat, bloodclot, bloodclart,

1. Bloodclaat

English Translation

Blood Cloth


Bloodclaat is used as an adjective when cussing. The direct translation is Blood Cloth, meaning sanitary towel! P**syclaat also translates to P**sy Cloth, same ting... Raasclaat and Bumboclaat and Battyclaat translate as Bum Cloth, as in toilet roll!

I dont really feel to put a cuss here, lets just say if someone calls you a bloodclaat they are implying that you are the recipricant of body waste! In simpler terms, you are filthy!

Example Sentences

Patois: How di bloodclaat yuh fi duh mi like dat?
English: How the f**k could you do me like that?

Related Words

Backside , Bloodclaat , Blood Fiah , Blouse an skirts ,

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posted by colin.moxam on January 21, 2015

2. Bloodclaat


A very popular Jamaican curse word normally use when one is feeling intense emotions such as anger or fright.

Example Sentences

(patois) Shut yo bloodclaat mouth!
(english) Shut your f**king mouth!

Related Words

Backside , Blood Fiah , Blouse an skirts , Bumboclaat ,

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posted by anonymous on April 25, 2013

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