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Definitions of "Claat"

Spelling Variations : clat, clart,

1. Claat

English Translation


Example Sentences

Patois: MI wi claat yuh inna yuh back wid dis
English: I will hit you in your back with this

posted by anonymous on November 22, 2022

2. Claat

English Translation



a cloth which can be used to make a dress

Example Sentences

Patois: Him go use a claat
English: He is going to use a cloth

posted by Macdonhong on June 8, 2015

3. Claat (Noun)

English Translation


Example Sentences

Patois: Mi go used a red claat fi mek mi dress
English: I am going to use a red cloth to make my dress

Related Words

Bangle , Ting , Macka , Drum pan ,

posted by anonymous on September 10, 2013

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