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Definitions of "Dancehall Queen"

1. Dancehall Queen (Noun)

English Translation

Dancehall Queen


A female dancer who excels in dancehall style, known for her exceptional skills and energetic performances

Example Sentences

Patois: Di dancehall queen run di stage and captivate di audience
English: The dancehall queen takes over the stage and captivates the audience

Related Words

Hot Steppa , Infahmah , Shot a buss , Gallis ,

posted by anonymous on August 2, 2023

2. Dancehall Queen (Noun)


Dancehall Queen is a captivating drama showcasing the world of dancehall music and culture in Jamaica.

Related Words

Smile Orange , Ghett'a Life , Jamaican Mafia , Countryman ,

posted by anonymous on June 21, 2023

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