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Definitions of "Dupes" (Slang)

Spelling Variations : doops,

1. Dupes (Noun)

English Translation

homeboy / friend


slang use to refer to a close friend

Example Sentences

Patois: Dem vex. All of a sudden everybady tun inna mi dupes.
English: They are angry. All of a sudden everybody wants to become my friend

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posted by unruly99 on August 27, 2016

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Other Definitions of "Dupes"

2. Dupes (Noun)

English Translation



Slang expression used to refer to a close friend. This term is usually preceded with “mi” as in “mi dupes”.

Example Sentences

Patois: Mi and mi dupes a go a party tonite
English: Me and my homeboy are going to the club tonight

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posted by anonymous on August 5, 2013

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Seth Rogen and James Franco

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