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Definitions of "Ackee"

1. Ackee (Noun)


Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica and half of the national dish, ackee and codfish. It was introduced from West Africa in 1778 and is now found all over Jamaica. The tree bears large red to yellow fruits that burst open when ripe, revealing bright yellow arils that are eaten. Ackee is considered one of Jamaica's greatest delicacies.

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2. Ackee (Noun)


Ackee is a beloved Jamaican fruit and an integral part of the national dish, "Ackee and Saltfish."

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3. Ackee (Noun)

English Translation



A tropical fruit that is the national fruit of Jamaica. It is typically cooked and eaten as part of a dish called "ackee and saltfish."

Example Sentences

Patois: Mi love fi nyam ackee and saltfish fi mi breakfast.
English: I love to eat ackee and saltfish for breakfast.

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4. Ackee (Noun)


Ackee is one of the most popular fruits in Jamaica. It is Jamaica’s national fruit and also Jamaica’s national dish combined with salt fish. Ackee is derived from the original name Ankye which comes from the Twi language of Ghana.

Example Sentences

(patois) mi nyam some ackee an salt fish
(english) I ate some ackee and salt fish

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Ackee - Jamaica's national fruit