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Definitions of "Blacks" (Slang)

1. Blacks


A very dark-skinned person

Example Sentences

Patois: Mi bredrin Blacks always brighten up di room wid him jokes.
English: My friend Blacks always brings a lively atmosphere to the room with his jokes.

Related Words

Bigga , Fatah , Peas Head , Froggy ,

posted by anonymous on November 14, 2023

2. Blacks

English Translation

Dark skinned black man


Slang expression for a dark skinned black man

Example Sentences

Patois: Blacks did cum fi si yuh dis mawnin
English: The dark skinned black man came to see you this morning

Related Words

Hot Steppa , Baby madda , Badman , Bait ,

posted by anonymous on November 19, 2013

. Blacks Pictures

Idris Elba