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Definitions of "Black River"

1. Black River (Noun)


The Black River, Jamaica's longest river, was originally named Rio Caobana (Mahogany River) by the Spaniards. It begins near Coleyville, Manchester, as the Hector's River and travels westerly for about twelve miles, forming the boundary between Manchester and Trelawny. Shortly after passing Troy, Trelawny, the river sinks in wild cockpit country to reappear again at Oxford, Manchester, where it becomes officially known as the One Eye River, though local residents call it the Noisy River from the sound of the cataracts where it emerges. After this it sinks underground again, passing through a ridge to the north of Bogue Hill before re-emerging to flow south through the Black River Morass, a large wetland area. The river then flows through the town of Black River before emptying into the Caribbean Sea.

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2. Black River (Noun)


Black River is the capital for the parish of Saint Elizabeth.

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