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Definitions of "Box Juice"

1. Box Juice


Box Juice refers to a variety of fruit juices commonly found in Jamaica. They are typically packaged in small cartons or boxes, hence the name. These juices are made from a variety of tropical fruits such as mango, guava, pineapple, passion fruit, and more. Box Juice is known for its refreshing and vibrant flavors, often enjoyed as a cool and fruity thirst-quencher on hot Jamaican days.

posted by anonymous on May 18, 2023

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Other Definitions of "Box Juice"

2. Box Juice (Noun)


Sweet Beverage sold in box containers

Example Sentences

Patois: Buy a box juice ova deh suh fi mi
English: Buy a boxed drink over there for me

Related Words

Ackee , Aile , Bag juice , ilaloo ,

posted by anonymous on April 11, 2014

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