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Definitions of "Dubplate"

1. Dubplate (Noun)

English Translation

Custom recording


A special recording of a song for a specific sound system or deejay

Example Sentences

Patois: Wi get a exclusive dubplate from di artist.
English: We got an exclusive custom recording from the artist.

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posted by anonymous on May 28, 2024

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Other Definitions of "Dubplate"

2. Dubplate (Noun)


A special one-off recording of a reggae song, often featuring customized lyrics or exclusive versions

Example Sentences

Patois: Di sound system have di latest dubplates from top artists
English: The sound system has the latest dubplates from top artists

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posted by anonymous on July 8, 2023

. Dubplate Pictures

A physical dubplate
3. Dubplate (Noun)


Derived from old school dancehall and reggae, dubplate may refer to either exclusive unreleased tracks that only famous dj’s have access to or the acetate disk that these unreleased tracks are cut unto.

Example Sentences

Patois: Stone Love alwayz play di newest dubplates a dem dance
English: Stone Love always play the newest dubplates at their parties.

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posted by anonymous on March 18, 2014

. Dubplate Pictures

A physical dubplate

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